Quasar 2016 will be held in Sydney, Australia
24 - 28 September, 2016

Our journey through this earthly existence is usually rocky, jagged, parched. We live with the promise of some kind of happiness and fulfillment but more often than not, there is little guidance for how to find the holy ground of being. With the correct orientation, we can learn how to use such difficulty to go beyond it to a land of harmony and peace.  We will explore ways to learn how to find the honey in the rocks, the water of life in the desert, the luminous within the dark and awaken to the radiance of the sacred.

 We will use the illuminating precision of diamond knowledge and richness of heart to journey into the mystery of the land of truth. The sacred can be the true inner core of our existence and our living the expression of its intelligence and love.

The orientation is how to live ordinary life in an extraordinary manner!

Venue: Leighton Hall, University of NSW
Retreat Fee: AUD$795 (GST inclusive – no catering and accommodation extra)
Participants: Quasar is open to the general public and all Ridhwan School students. No prior experience of the Diamond Approach is necessary.



The Diamond Approach as taught in the Ridhwan School, is a contemporary, original, spiritual understanding and path, expressing timeless wisdom on self-realization using the insights of our time. Modern psychological understanding and spiritual wisdom are integrated to provide deeper and more effective means of realizing, developing, and living our full potential. At each stage of the spiritual journey, we encounter beliefs, identifications and resistances, which can inhibit our development. The Diamond Approach provides a compassionate understanding and effective means of working with these issues and obstacles, in ways that open up the consciousness to the timeless spiritual truths of its deepest nature.

For further information about the Diamond Approach, please visit the Ridhwan School website .


 KataTjutaRockArt Acknowledgement: For over 50,000 years, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have been the Traditional Custodians of this Sacred Territory – Australia. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Bedegal People, the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which we will meet for the Quasar retreat. We wish to pay respect to the Elders both past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for this land, and we recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


 Quasar Quasars are very intense energy sources in some giant galaxies, powered by huge black holes. They are the very bright centres of those distant galaxies, where some sort of energetic action is occurring due to the presence of a super massive black hole at the center of that galaxy.
They are not usually found in levitation above Sydney, Australia, so don't miss this rare opportunity!