Advanced registration is required to attend the Quasar retreat. Please refer to the registration and payment information for how to sign up.

When you arrive at the venue, please check-in immediately at the Quasar registration desk located in the foyer of Leighton Hall (UNSW). The check-in process will begin at 8am on Saturday, September 24th. You will be required to present your confirmation of registration receipt at the Quasar registration desk (i.e. the email confirmation that was sent to you when you registered online) and then you will receive your entrance pass and orientation information.

The first session will begin promptly at 9:30am so please allow plenty of time to arrive, check-in, find a seat and settle. There is no reserved seating for the event on any of the days but every seat has a good vantage point of the stage. Leighton Hall will be open from 8.30am to 6.00pm each day so you can arrive up to an hour before the commencement of each morning session.

What happens each day at a Quasar Retreat?

Each Quasar retreat has a particular theme related to an aspect of the teaching of the Diamond Approach.  The day is divided into approximately two three hour sessions with a break for lunch. Each session starts with some form of meditation and is followed by a specific teaching related to the theme of the retreat. You will have an opportunity to deepen your personal inquiry through experiential exercises usually in pairs, triads or small groups before re-joining the large group to process any personal and group experiences that have emerged in response to the teaching and the experiential exercises.

Daily Program

Quasar Day 1 - Saturday September 24: approximately 9.30-5.30
Quasar Day 2 - Sunday September 25: approximately 9.30-5.30
Quasar Day 3 - Monday September 26: approximately 9.30-5.30
Quasar Day 4 - Tuesday September 27:  approximately 9.30-5.30
Quasar Day 5 - Wednesday September 28: approximately 9.30-5.30

More information about additional aspects of the program will be provided shortly.

Photography and audio/video recording

No photography or recordings of any kind are allowed during the Quasar meetings.