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The Diamond Mind Series

The Diamond Mind knowledge is a multifaceted understanding of the nature of being human, our consciousness or psyche, and the potential for expanding our capacity for experience and inner development. This series is a response to an important need that is being felt in many quarters, a need for a spiritually informed psychology, or conversely, for a psychologically grounded spirituality.

  • Almaas TheVoid MD

    The Void:
    Inner Spaciousness and Ego Structure


    In this book Almaas brings together concepts and experiences drawn from contemporary object relations theory, Freudian-based ego psychology, case studies from his own spiritual practice, and teaching from the highest levels of Buddhist and other Eastern practices. He challenges us to look not only at the personality and the content of the mind, but also at the underlying nature of the mind itself.


    The Void, in a remarkable and direct way, introduces us to the space or ground of mind within which mental structures operate. [Almass] shows how inner spaciousness can be experienced in somatic, psychological and spiritual ways, details some of the many levels of inner space and, more importantly, illustrates how these experiences of space can lead to fundamental healing and integration of our being.

    Jack Kornfield


    Part One--The Void and the Self:
    The Mind; Depth Psychology and the Mind
    Ego Psychology and the Mind
    Object Relations Theory
    Self-Image and Boundaries
    Self-Image and Space
    Self-Image and Body-Image in Relation to Space
    Inner Space and Spatial Extension
    Self-Image as the Structuralization of Space
    The Psychodynamic Approach to Space
    Discussion of Technique
    Phenomenology of Space

    Part Two--The Void and Transformation:
    Space and Essence
    Space and Sexuality
    Space and Inner Change

    Part Three--The Void: Expansion or Deficiency:
    Deficient Emptiness
    Space and Deficient Emptiness
    The Genesis of Deficient Emptiness
    Emptiness is Emptiness

    Part Four--The Grades of Emptiness
    The Grades of Emptiness

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  • Almaas ThePearlBeyondPrice MD

    The Pearl Beyond Price:
    An integration of personality into Being; An Object Relations Approach


    In this book Almaas demonstrates that healthy ego development is part of the continuum of spiritual development. He also establishes the possibility of attaining inner realization and developing our essential being—the pearl beyond price—in the context of living a normal human life.


    The work that you have in your hands is quite extraordinary in that it unfolds a comprehensive theory of personality grounded in a dimension of Being beyond our normal understandings of ego and identity. For here a knowledge of the spiritual path of transformation appears within, and is conjoined to, the modern context of western psychological process. Anyone with knowledge of the sacred psychologies at the heart of the world's religious traditions will immediately recognize the significance of this major work by A. H. Almaas.

    —Larry Spiro, Ph.D.

    A masterpiece of integration of both the spiritual and psychotherapeutic traditions, which is essential material for anyone concerned with helping others to develop a deeper sense of personhood or to liberate themselves from the repetition-compulsion to suffer that defines the neurotic condition.
    —David Boadella


    Book One - The Nature of the Pearl Beyond Price
    Part 1 - The Personal Essence:
    The Man of Spirit and the Man of the World
    Being and Ego

    Part 2 - The Discovery of Personal Essence:
    The Personal Element

    Part 3 - The Essential Person:
    Personal Essence and the Man of the World
    Personal Essence in Legends and Fairy Tales
    Personal Essence and the Man of Spirit
    Personal Essence in Spiritual Traditions

    Part 4 - Personal Essence and Ego Development:
    Maturity, Ego and Personal Essence: Maturity and the Secondary Autonomy of Ego; Identification and Defense
    Being and Functioning: Integration and Aubsorbtion of Experience
    Personal Essence and Object Relations Theory
    The Metabolism of Experience
    Personal Essence and Ego Functions

    Book Two - The Realization of the Pearl Beyond Price
    Part 1 - Inner Evolution:
    The Diamond Approach

    Part 2 - Personal Essence and the Process of Separation-Individuation:
    Negative Merging
    Autonomic Regulation: The Will Essence

    Part 3 - Personal Essence and Essential Aspects:
    The Mother Aspects of Essence
    The Father Aspects of Essence

    Book Three - The Development of the Pearl Beyond Price
    Part 1 - Identity:
    Ego Versus Being
    The Personalization of Essence
    The Actualization of Being: Cultural Values

    Part 2 - The Objective Dimensions of Essence:
    Being and Ego Deficiency
    Origins of Ego Deficiency
    Resolution of Ego Deficiency
    The Complete Person
    Personal Essence and Ego Boundaries

    Part 3 - The Formless Dimensions of Being:
    The Impersonal Versus the Personal
    Cosmic Consciousness and Individuation: Universal Love and Ego Identity
    Oneness and the Person: Transcendence and Embodiment
    Nonconceptual Reality and Functioning: Absence; The Nameless; The Absolute

    Part 4 - Universal Man:
    The Diamond Pearl

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  • Almaas ThePointOfExistence MD

    The Point of Existence:
    Transformations of Narcissism in Self-Realization


    The Point of Existence describes the underlying spiritual basis for the common understanding of narcissism, which is the experience of a disturbance in the inner sense of self and the resulting need for constant reflection from the outside. This vulnerability in the inner experience of identity arises out of a basic separation from the essential presence which is the source of a true sense of self.


    A.H. Almaas is an astute and brilliant explorer of the common ground of psychology and spiritual development. Almaas provides a much larger and more satisfying framework for understanding the quandaries of self, identity and the resolution of narcissism. He shows how the universal narcissism of everyday life is an incomplete stage of development that can only be overcome through realization of one's deepest, most essential nature. This is a book to study, to contemplate, to live with, and to use as a guide on one's journey.

    —John Welwood, Ph.D.(author of Love and Awakening)

    Almaas has given us a powerful unfoldment of a new field of study. This pioneering work renders outdated both the psychologist's traditional avoidance of deeper dimensions of experience and the mystic's dismissal of psychology. Almaas's tour de force is must reading for anyone who is seeking a more profound understanding of human experience.
    —Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D. (co-author of The Feminine Face of God)

    Almaas's The Point of Existence is a supremely original and unique work at the interface of spirituality and psychoanalysis. It will be of immense significance for anyone involved in a spiritual path. The promise and challenge of this work for both transpersonal and psychotherapeutic orthodoxies is immense. It will be studied and debated by psychologists, spiritual practitioners, and theologians for years to come.
    —Harry Hunt, Ph.D. (author of On the Nature of Consciousness)


    Part 1 - Self-realization and the Narcissism of Everyday Life
    Dimensions of Self
    Self & Self-Realization
    Self, Essence & Narcissism
    The Spectrum of Narcissism

    Part 2 - Views of Self and Theories of Narcissism
    Self and Self-Representation
    Self-Representation and Narcissism
    Kohut's Bipolar Self
    Dynamism of the Self

    Part 3 - Identity: Ego Structure and Essence
    Functions of Identity
    Disturbances of Identity
    Identity and Essence
    Essential Identity
    Essential Identity, Essence and Narcissism

    Part 1 - Characteristics and Develoment of Central Narcissism
    Manifestations of Central Narcissism
    The Development of Narcissism
    Factors in the Development of Narcissism
    Specific Environmental Factors
    The Process of the Development of Narcissism
    The Truth of the Grandiose Self
    Phases of the Development of Narcissism

    Part 2 - Essence and Narcissistic Transferences
    Meaninglessness and the Flame
    Idealising Transference
    Narcissistic Helplessness
    Support and Being
    Essential Origins of Idealization

    Part 3 - Transformation of Naricissis
    The Need to be Seen
    The Mirror Transference
    The Empty Shell and Fakeness
    The Narcissistic Wound
    The Great Betrayal
    Narcissistic Rage
    The Great Chasm and Black Space
    Love in the Transformation of Narcissism
    Realization of the Essential Identity

    Part 1 - The Developmental Spectrum of Narcissism
    Individuation Narcissism
    Oedipal Narcissism
    Oral Narcissism

    Part 2 - Dimensions of Self-Realisation
    Pure Being
    Nonconceptual Reality
    Absolute Truth
    Nondual Presence

    Part 3 - Essential Identity in Spiritual Traditions
    The Stillpoint in Christianity
    The Atman in Hinduism

    Part 1 - Self-realization and the Narcissism of Everyday Life
    A: CG Jung and the Spiritual Dimension of Self
    B: The Ultimate Nature of Self in Spiritual Traditions
    C: Levels of Conceptualisation
    D: Essence and Narcissistic Libido
    E: The Bipolar Self and the Ego Structure
    F: The Optomizing Foce of Being in the Self
    G: Understanding and Experience
    H: Gradual and Direct Approaches to Self-Realization

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